Band Director (Junior High)

JOB TITLE: Jr. High Band Director
To provide each student with varied opportunities to learn about and enjoy music experiences as a performer and a listener.
RESPONSIBLE TO: School Principal
Coordinate the Band Program (in cooperation with the High School Band Director) for the Jr. High School.
To provide the planning and execution of Band concerts, recitals and other music performances of the students when they are representing the school.
Coordinate, in cooperation with teachers and other school personnel, Band performances in extra-curricular school activities.
Purchase (with Principal's approval) supplies, equipment and services necessary for implementation of the program.
To recommend the extent of the Band's participation in competitive events.
Plan and supervise trips necessary for Band participation in off-campus events.
Assist in fund-raising activities necessary for supplementation of Band program.
Meet and instruct assigned classes in the locations and at times designated.
Develop and maintain a classroom environment conducive to effective learning within the limits of the resources provided by the District. Coordinate the screening and selection of band students.
Prepare for classes assigned and show written evidence of preparation upon request of immediate supervisor.
Encourage students to set and maintain standards of classroom behavior.
Employ a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media consistent with the physical limitations of the location provided and the needs and capabilities of the individuals involved.
Strive to implement by instruction and action the district's philosophy of education and instructional goals and objectives.
Take all reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.
Evaluate student progress on a regular basis.
Maintain accurate, complete and correct records as required by law, district policy and administrative regulation.
Assist in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations and board policy.
Make provision for being available to students and parents for education related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.
Attend and participate in faculty meetings.
Cooperate with other members of the staff in planning instructional goals, objectives and methods.
Accept a share of responsibility for co-curricular activities as assigned byu the principal.
Work to establish and maintain open lines of communication with students and their parents concerning bothe the broad academic and behavioral progress of all assigned students.
Establish and maintain cooperative relations with others.
Provide with his/her own professional growth through an on-going program of reading, workshops, seminars, conferences, and / or advance course work at institutions of higher learning.
During instructional time, be able to (walk, stand, bend, and / or move around in the classroom (80-90) percent of the class period.
Bachelor's Degree endorsed in Instrumental Music
Valid teaching certificate endorsed in Instrumental Music
EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the simpson county Board of Education Policy manual.
EMPLOYMENT : Nine month year; salary equal to State Minimum Program Schedule plus local supplement for Jr. High Band Director.

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